• Speedline MPM 125 screen printer
  • XP 142E for chip mounting
  • XP 242E for fine pitch and BGA component mounting
  • J Tech reflow oven
  • 3D SPI off-line checking machine
  • XP141E & NXT II M3X2 modules for chip placing and optional glue dispensing head
  • NXT II M6S with tray unit for chip & IC/BGA/other components mounting
  • Speedline omni ES 10 reflow machine
Other machines/equipments
  • Conveyor fed stuffing lines
  • Speedline WS 350 wave soldering machine with a separate pot for lead free processing
  • BGA Rework station
  • 2.5D X-ray machine
  • Stencil cleaning machine
  • Flexa - assembly software
  • Single sided PCB assembly process
  • Double sided PCB assembly, with glue process and through hole assembly
  • New technology of Package-on-Package in SMT process
  • Profile checking on sample boards to ensure proper reflow & solder process for defect free assemblies
  • In-line 3D solder paste inspection system to produce defect free SMT boards
  • BGA rework capabilities
  • Box-build/system assembly process line